Daily Prompt: Crave


I have just read a blog on Slavery. I am not going to mention it by name for I fear it will inspire/incite more misunderstanding, encourage even more hatred between countries, and perpetuate the already bad feelings amongst religions. I am also not, (with the emphasis on not); suggesting that we should forget any of the atrocities committed by humankind on its own kind, past or present. In fact we should of learned from them all, and no modern day reasoning can mitigate that for whatever reason, we haven’t. Why, none of us want war, slavery, exploitation, do WE? Why the wishes of goodwill and peace don’t propagate that sentiment amongst all, is a question I ask myself everyday. I, along with millions of you, have a craving for better days, for the present, and future generations, don’t we?

Daily Prompt – Crave
Come in and Sit Down
Roberta Pimentel
Just Watching
Zombie Flamingos
Keralas live


Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

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