Cee’s Odd Ball Foto Challenge: 2016 Week 32

style=”text-align: center;”>Odd Ball

The Nursery Web Spider carries her egg sac gripped between her palps but it is held back under her thorax not out in front as dose some other species. For more detailed information, please click  here, thank you

For those who might not know that this type of spider even exist, its life cycle could be considered, ‘Odd Ball”.  So based on that hypothesis I think the snaps that follow are covered  by Cee’s criteria for this challenge


Cee's Odd Ball Challenge: Week 32

Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

4 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Foto Challenge: 2016 Week 32”

  1. So nice to meet you and I do like your attitude young sir. Came over to say many thanks for the follow that now adorns my blog – greatly appreciated and I hope to see you around some more. Like you, I am fascinated and in awe of nature but I myself cannot claim any expertise on the subject, just enthusiasm. Looking forward to seeing more of your illuminating posts, MM 🍀

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