Brian Cox has a genius response to a climate-change hater!

To those in denial re all things natural, everything is a conspiracy. I don’t need a scientist to tell me all is not well the climate. It, the climate that is,  is totally confused. Rest assured, that it will sort its self out, with, or without human aid. More importantly, it will take no prisoners in doing so. World leaders take heed for you have the power to help nature out, continuing to ignore the warnings, or the facts, has dire consequences for all, act now, for its close to the point of no return!

Why Evolution Is True

LOL, I love PuffHo headlines. Here, His Highness Brian Cox throws serious shade on a climate-change denialist. This tweet is from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Q&A” show which just featured Cox on a panel which includes an elected Senator, Malcolm Roberts, who’s also a climate change denier (Aussies, please tell us who this clown is).

When the politician denied temperatures were rising, Cox pulled out a NASA graph to demonstrate the data. (It’s like pulling Marshall McLuhan from behind a sign in “Annie Hall”). Roberts then claims the supposed rise in temperatures reflects a conspiracy, and Cox notes the difficulty of getting virtually every scientist in the world to conspire as part of the same hoax (that, by the way, is also what creationists believe about us evolutionists.)

And why on earth would scientists want to cook the data anyway? Creationists think evolutionists conspire because the rotten foundations of evolution help prop up our atheism…

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Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

One thought on “Brian Cox has a genius response to a climate-change hater!”

  1. To Dish Dessert
    Never did get to the shop, well not for the herbs I need, I will one day, soon!
    What I’m really writing about is your like on my reblog re Brian Cox and his comment on climate warming, many thanks for that, truly, truly appreciated.
    Now I feel hungry, mmm I wonder why Definitely got to get some proper herbs in!


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