Would Like 2 say Happy Orangutan Day 2016 but well…

Until such time that country government’s understand that what they are doing, and what they allow to be done re habitat destruction, air, and water pollution, then it is not just the orangutans that are in trouble, its the whole WORLD!


can’t say i am really happy bout the day! being called that by greenpeace


being called dat! jest reminds me as to how fucked up mankind is being to other creatures on the planet, an all the negative bs comments an viewpoints frum people that are so selfish an self centered to as judge these magnificent unique an beautiful creatures to me… orangutans an gorillas are 2 kewl fer skewl in Q’s bewk 

Bornean Orangutans have officially been classified as “critically endangered” – meaning they’re now on the brink of extinction. an Gee wunder why?

We use to live quite happily without palm oil, there appears to be no life saving or life enhancing benefit for humans in the present day.  Cheap to produce, yet so costly in other ways.

yep; The arrogance of humans over yet another species.  Welcome to another day on Planet Earth ..such an emotional piano…

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Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

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