Night, Night, Mind The

Bedbug’s Don’t Bite*


There were eggs present and I hoped I had managed to collect some. However due to the intensity of the infestation and spending around half an hour at the location, paranoia set in, just couldn’t wait to get out of the property.

Collected live from the lacework attached to a sofa. Flat inhabitants were covered from head to toes in bites. When I got home I stripped naked at the backdoor, putting all my clothes in a bin bag, leaving my boots on the shed porch after having sprayed them with an insecticide. Got my wife to give a good lookover, (not funny, if you had seen the state  of the folk that had been bit from head to toe, ugh! just the thought of them is making me cringe as I type). She wanted to spray me, but fortunately our bathroom is just inside the back door, and on being giving a hesitant all clear I was in the shower before she could say, “Mind the bedbug’s don’t bite”, which she did.

Hope you all sleep well tonight folks, muhaa!

Bedbugs – Cimex lectularius

 * They don’t bite, they have a tube like appendage, called a rostrum, which they use to pierce the skin and suck the blood up. All Hemiptera have a rostrum, is a key factor of the order. However not all have a taste for blood, albeit there are some that do, Campyloneura virgule, to name one.


Campyloneura virgule



Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

One thought on “Night, Night, Mind The”

  1. well I have had the pleasure of visiting your site today – and laughing at the saying your wife said – we grew up knowing that bedtime cliche – but never knew what they were until the recent outbreaks – and my heart goes out to those infected –
    we use diatomaceous earth in Window ledges (carefully) and sometimes under the linens when we travel – especially when we stay in hotels on a road trip!


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