Bird’s Nest Fungi

Field Bird’s Nest Fungus

Bit of a story behind this find, in as much that I never intentionally go looking for fungi. What usually happens in most cases is that they at so big, that they beg to be photographed, and I usually oblige, that’s not what happened  with these tiny wonders of the natural world. I was actually stalking leafhoppers  when, (not as seen in the image below),  I became aware of what looked like tiny disc’s appearing through the  grass covering. Before I removed its/ their cover I took several shots to show the exact habitat, which in a general sense could described as a broad roadside verge. It was in a very urban setting, like an industrial/shopping park, however they were all total failures. I did however pick one and took a shot or two of it, and not ever seen one in the, err, I was going to say, ‘Wild’, but I’m thinking, ‘Out in the open’, will suffice. Where  was I? Oh yes; not having ever seen one out in the field before,  not only was I surprised, I was buzzing! Having seen it many times in books, I put it down as a rarity  I was never likely to find, not by looking for it, as with that intent it seems that most things become elusive. Anyway, find it I did, and if my images inspire anyone to go seeking it out, I wish them good look, as I have never found it since that find in 2011. So happy nesting, oops, I’ll rephrase, happy, ‘Birds Nest Fungi’, hunting.

The bottom image is entered in my ‘Micks Daily Wildlife Macro Photo Challenge #5’, it being the 5th day, and as far as I am aware I am the only one who has taken up the challenge.


Field Bird’s Nest (Cyathus olla (Batsch))


Field Bird’s Nest (Cyathus olla (Batsch))

Micks Daily Wildlife Macro Photo Challenge #5



Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

3 thoughts on “Bird’s Nest Fungi”

    1. My apologies for the late acknowledgement, still very busy organising my blog. Sadly over the last 2 to 3 years they seem to be suffering, probably down to the strange weather we’ve been having, whatever the cause I am not seeing the diversity as have in the past. I am referring to fungi in general for there are some about, in fact I have a puffball fruiting in my garden right now.

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