My Wildlife Art

Water Shrew – Neomys fodiens

Memories are all I have of this the UK’s largest shrew. Back in my late teenage years, (14 to 16), I lived on a farm in Wiltshire between the villages 0f Compton Bassett and Hilmarton. A small stream close to the farm supported what could be considered a dense population by modern day standards. Always on the lookout for kingfishes, my friend, and I walked the banks, even crawled on some occasions, in our, not often successful efforts to view this gem of a bird, we were however on most times rewarded by our stealth with sightings of a water shrew, or two, even grass snakes. We were never ever disappointed with our forays, and yes pictures were taken, sad to say not by me. I could ramble on for we made many exciting discoveries, our first owl pellets, to name but one, anyway not ever encountering a water shrew again, (since the mid 50’s up to the present) back in 1995 I was inspired to paint a picture of a most pleasant memory. I still have the memory, and the painting, and the memory you can view for free,  but the paintings not for sale.

My Art - Water Shrew
Water Shrew

Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

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